Why You Should Talk to Your Children about Gun Safety

Posted April 5, 2018

Gun safety is not something that should simply be practiced by gun owners; it’s a habit that should be as common as learning to ride a bike or learning how to swim. With 35 percent of the households in the United States possessing firearms, teaching children, as well as other family members, what to do should they come in contact with a gun is as important as teaching them how to use one.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that have been providing effective gun safety training programs for decades. As a responsible gun owner, if you do not feel comfortable performing gun safety training for family and children by yourself, these organizations will help.

The National Rifle Association has been educating Americans in practical, real-world gun safety and use for over 150 years. The organization’s Eddie Eagle Program was designed to assist parents, community leaders, and law enforcement officers in the practice of firearm safety training to children. The program promotes a four-step system similar to the fire safety mantra: stop, drop, and roll. Using the following steps, the program has become a leading training tool across the country.

  1. Stop!
  2. Don’t touch.
  3. Runaway.
  4. Tell a grown-up.

By educating young children on the importance of firearm safety, the program’s goal is to keep children from handling guns until they’re old enough to be properly trained for their use.

Other local organizations including law-enforcement, recreational safety organizations, and sportsman associations offer gun and firearm safety training to anyone interested in participating. The National Rifle Association offers an online directory listing of gun safety programs and local trainings. These training courses cover subjects such as home firearm safety to better understand basic gun safety and handling skills, as well as how to properly store firearms and ammunition within your home, pistol and rifle training courses, shotgun training courses, and personal protection courses to learn how to protect yourself and your family both inside and outside of your home. This directory can be found on their website at https://firearmtraining.nra.org/student-courses/.

By teaching others the importance of gun safety, we can each help to ensure that the next generation of gun owners is ready to set a positive example for future generations.

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