Bring Home the Ultimate in Firearm Storage with a Liberty Gun Safe

Posted April 12, 2018

Buying a gun safe is a once-in-a-lifetime activity, making it extremely important to consider all current and future usage needs before making your purchase. At Perry’s Gun Shop, we believe in high quality, and for that reason, we carry Liberty Gun Safes: the industry’s longest lasting and most reliable gun safe.

Liberty has been skillfully building gun safes since 1988. Made in the USA, Liberty began crafting gun safes right here in downtown Wendell, North Carolina. With the industry’s best lifetime warranty and customer support, Liberty stands behind their products and their customers. Perry’s Gun Shop has been, and continues to be, a proud retail partner of the local manufacturer.

Perry’s offers more than 30 different styles of gun safes to fit any size gun, including 30-minute to 2.5 hour fire safes, fat boys, and even premium home safes to fit your needs and your budget. For maximum security, Liberty Gun Safes offers a full spectrum of choices from CA DOJ Approved handgun safes all the way up to UL RSC, Residential Security Containers. If you’re looking to add a gun safe to your home, the first step in joining the more than 2 million current Liberty Gun Safe owners is determining what you need to protect in your safe.

Whether you’re looking to store new or antique model rifles or handguns, ammunition, or other prized possessions, these safes include adjustable shelving for easy organization. The stylish outer detailing makes for a stunning addition to your home or office, while it’s efficiently compact shape and size allow for easy positioning in closets and other discreet locations.

Liberty safes are designed for security, fire protection, style and function; with model sizes ranging from 27 to 41 long guns. With stronger, thicker, longer bolts than the industry standard, each gun safe is designed to keep all of your valuables out of the wrong hands. In the event of a building fire or catastrophic event, these gun safes are built with roll-form, cold-steel bodies to maximize strength and to withstand extreme heat and weight during a collapse.

To learn more about investing in your first Liberty Gun Safe, speak to the knowledgeable professionals at Perry’s Gun Shop at 21 E. 3rd Street, Wendell, North Carolina, or visit us online at

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