The Sportsman's Life

Posted April 19, 2018

For the true outdoor sportsmen, defining what keeps them drawn to the outdoors is nearly impossible. From the outside, it may appear as if it’s all about hunting, fishing, and taking game, but any true sportsman knows better; it’s about tradition, respect for nature, and pride.

From the moment our parents, grandparents, or teachers first began teaching us the importance of respect, fairness, and graciousness in the outdoors, we learned that the greatest lessons are passed along before we ever handle a firearm or pick up a fishing pole.

The life of a sportsman means playing by the rules, often without ever considering that there could be any other way of doing things. It means giving back as much as you take, and then some. A true sportsman does the right thing when everyone is watching, and does no different when he’s alone.

Values such as honoring your heritage, and showing compassion and a deep appreciation for others are often defining characteristics of the sportsman. He knows when to take the shot, but most importantly, he knows when to hold back. He shows patience and poise, which are both traits that can’t always be taught, but are easy to witness when you’re looking for them.

A true sportsman is always looking to improve relations between sportsmen and non-sportsmen, for the health of the sport and future generations. Respecting landowner’s rights and sporting laws are just the beginning; a sportsman helps to shape policy that protects everyone.

There is no single belief, action, or event that makes a person a sportsman; no diploma, finish line, or ceremony. It’s a combination of lessons learned and lessons taught; it’s as much the thrill of coming away empty handed with a soul that’s been refilled as it is to walk away with a trophy.

“Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.” – Fred Bear, legendary sportsman, author, and conservationist.

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