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    Factory-Suppressed Rifles

    Suppressors help diminish the sound of the shot or alter the sound, and the same is true for our Factory Suppressed Rifles options. learn more »

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    Perry's Gun Shop carries a wide variety of firearms, from hunting rifles and related accessories, to handguns and tactical firearms for personal use and home defense, to competitive shooting firearms, we carry it all. In addition to firearms, we are stocked with a variety of ammunitions, whether you’re aiming for an elk, a varmint, or a target. learn more »
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    Protect yourself, your family, and your home with a handgun. Perry's Gun Shop carries a variety of handguns and related accessories, including holsters and gun storage solutions. learn more »

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    From pocket knives to cutlery, personal security to hunting, tactical to camping and multi-tool, Perry's Gun Shop has it all. Our selection includes the top brands in the industry. Unsure what kind of knife would be best for your use? Ask our staff for help in selecting the right knife for your needs. In addition to our selection of knives, we also have cases and sharpeners, as well as other specialty items. learn more »

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    Long Guns

    Perry's Gun Shop has you covered for all of your shooting needs. From Hunting Rifles & Shotguns, to recreational shooting, you'll be able to find what you need in-store. learn more »

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    It's important to be familiar with the National Firearms Act, which outlines all registration and taxation procedures. Since Perry's Gun Shop has a Class III license, we are able to get you the best options available of all suppressors, factory-suppressed rifles, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and transferrable machine guns. learn more »

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    Online Firearm Inventory

    Perry's Gun Shop carries an ever changing stock of pre-owned fire arms. Click here to see what's in stock! learn more »
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    Rifles for any application. From tactical to hunting, Perry's Gun Shop has you covered. We have one of the largest selections of all types of rifles in the State of North Carolina. If it is a new hunting rifle your looking for we have hundreds in stock everyday. learn more »

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    At Perry's Gun Shop we cover all the bases in shotgun styles. From target, field, and tactical to pump action, single, and side by side barrel. We have everything you need and more. learn more »

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    Perry's Gun Shop is a licensed seller of Class III suppressors and carries a large selection in stock. You will find brands such as: Sig Sauer, Gemtech, Silencerco, and more! learn more »

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    Perry's Gun Shop carries a wide variety of tactical firearms and accessories. From rails, to flashlights, to threaded barrels, we have the firearms and accessories you need to feel confident in any defensive situation. learn more »

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    Using the ammunition best suited for your type of hunting or shooting is crucial to your success. Specializing in Hornady, we stock ammunition for handguns, shotguns, and rifles. From common calibers to hard-to-find calibers, let us be your one-stop-shop for your ammunition needs. learn more »

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    Holsters and Cases

    Perry's Gun Shop has a variety of holsters and cases for firearms. Whether you need a holster for a handgun or a case for a rifle, we have it. learn more »
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    Optics & Accessories


    Our selection of binoculars, rangefinders and scopes, can make all the difference in the accuracy of your shooting. Our firearm services include scope mounting and bore sighting with gun and/or scope purchase.


    At Perry's Gun Shop, we carry all the accessories you will need for your firearm use and care including:

    learn more »
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    Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

    Keep your gun clean and functioning properly with Perry's Gun Shop’s supply of firearm cleaning supplies, including brushes, oils, solvents, patches, and more. Stop in and check out our selection. If you’re not sure what you need, or not seeing something, ask any of our helpful associates. learn more »

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    Firearm Accessories

    You have the gun of your dreams. Now it's time to accessorize. We carry a huge selection of gear for firearms. From rifles and handguns to tactical equipment, you'll find sights, night vision optics, carrying cases, bipods, magazines, red dot optics, lights, bayonets and so much more. Perry's Gun Shop has a wide variety of accessories for all types of firearms. learn more »